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blah [24 Aug 2005|11:42pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

God Forbid!

and i must say i love alcohol! .... and of course METAL!

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[14 Oct 2004|07:22am]
[ mood | listless ]

only maynard....

Sheeple =O

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[28 Aug 2004|02:01pm]
Your full name:: Melissa Anne Montes
Age:: 22
Height:: 5'3"
Natural hair colour:: light brown (not blonde ...paolo)
Eye colour:: blue
Number of siblings:: 2
Glasses/contacts?:: nope
Piercings:: 8
Tattoos:: 2
Braces?:: nope
Colour:: purple
Band:: led zepplin/opeth
Song:: well anything from zepplin or opeth really
Stuffed animal:: i had to give them all away
Video game:: original mario bros. or pac man
TV show:: do really watch it
Movie:: don't really have one
Book:: all of them, u can't make me choose...i won't do it
Food:: everything bagels with nothing on them
Game on a cell phone:: black jack...at which i really suck
CD cover:: deftones: adrenaline
Flower:: tulips
Scent:: either safeguard soap...yes i am strange or romance
Animal:: cat
Comic book:: ehh
Cereal:: too many to decide
Website:: ccrc.com....for my free tickets =)
Cartoon:: don't watch 'em never did
Play an instrument?:: kinda
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?:: shit no
Like to sing?:: sure
Have a job?:: yep
Have a cell phone?:: yep
Like to play sports?:: some
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?::
Have a crush on someone?:: nope
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?:: nope i'm still here
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?:: yeah
Have any special talents/skills?:: i guess
Excercise daily?:: well i did until the damn dog bite
Like school?:: no, LOVE school because i'm a dork
Sing the alphabet backwards?:: nope
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?:: nope
Speak any other languages?:: some spanish
Go a day without food?:: sure
Stay up for more than 24 hours?:: on several occassions
Read music, not just tabs?:: can't do it
Roll your tongue?:: yes
Eat a whole pizza?:: no
Snuck out of the house?:: ha, ha, ha.... if i had a penny...i'd be rich
Cried to get out of trouble?:: no
Gotten lost in your city?:: all the damn time
Seen a shooting star?:: yep
Been to any other countries besides the united states?:: next year
Had a serious surgery?:: no
Stolen something important to someone else?:: no
Solved a rubiks cube?:: i never had one
Gone out in public in your pajamas?:: hell yeah
Cried over a girl?:: no
Cried over a boy?:: no
Kissed a random stranger?:: yep
Hugged a random stranger?:: yep
Been in a fist fight?:: nope
Been arrested?:: hmmmm
Done drugs?:: perhaps
Had alcohol?:: it runs in my blood
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?:: no
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?:: yes, i just did
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?:: no
Swore at your parents?:: yeah
Been to warped tour?:: nope
Kicked a guy where it hurts?:: no
Been in love?:: no
Been close to love?:: maybe
Been to a casino?:: that floated and it was really crappy
Ran over an animal and killed it?:: only one and i'm still really sorry about it
Broken a bone?:: yep
Gotten stitches?:: no
Had a waterballoon fight in winter?:: yeah
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?:: eww jesus that's nasty
Made homemade muffins?:: yeah
Bitten someone?:: in kindergarten
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?:: 4 years ago
More than 5 times?:: yeah
Been to niagra falls?:: no
Burped in someones face?:: yeah
Gotten the chicken pox?: check
Brushed your teeth:: 10 min ago
Went to the bathroom:: 5 min ago
Saw a movie in theaters:: 2 days ago
Read a book:: i'm always reading a book
Had a snow day:: never
Had a party:: last year
Had a slumber party:: last week
Made fun of someone:: me...never
Tripped in front of someone:: last week outside tabu
Went to the grocery store:: yesterday
Got sick:: july 21st
Cursed:: 2 seconds ago
Fruit/vegetables:: damnit
Black/white:: black
Lights on/lights off:: depends
TV/movie:: movie
Car/truck:: car
Body spray/lotion:: lotion
Cash/check:: cash
Pillows/blankets:: blanket
Headache/stomach ache:: stomach ache
Paint/charcoal:: charcoal
Chinese food/mexican food:: mexicubarican food
Summer/winter:: summer
Snow/rain:: rain...but not when i'm driving damnit
Fog/misty:: either sucks
Rock/rap:: rock
Meat/vegetarian:: vegetarian
Boy/girl:: boy
Chocolate/vanilla:: neither
Sprinkles/icing:: neither
Cake/pie:: neither
French toast/french fries:: french fries
Strawberries/blueberries:: strawberries
Ocean/swimming pool:: swimming pool
Hugs/kisses:: hugs
Cookies/muffins:: neither
p33n/bewbz:: what the...
Wallet/pocket:: wallet
Window/door:: door
Emo/goth:: neither
Pink/purple:: purple
Cat/dog:: cat
Long sleeve/short sleeve:: short sleeve
Pants/shorts:: pants
Winter break/spring break:: spring
Spring/autumn:: autumn
Clouds/clear sky:: clear sky
Moon/mars:: moon
How many friends do you have?:: quite a few
What are their names?:: dawn, david who likes to punch people, chloe, tony, deana, tony, bret, donna, brad, mike, aaron, becca, michelle, marta, charel, christoph,paolo, matt...i will not waste my time listing them all
Do you have a best friend?:: chloe
Have you ever liked one of your friends?:: ha
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?:: guy
Have you ever lost a friend?:: unfortunately
Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend?:: no
Whats an inside joke between you and a friend?:: jesus yes
Have you ever gotten in a big arguement with a friend?:: yeah
Whats the nicest thing youve ever done for a friend?:: too long to write
Whats the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?:: listened to me bitch about my parents then took me out to dinner & a movie
Do you miss any of your old friends?:: not really they all turned out to be fake
What friend have you known the longest?:: deanna
Do you regret anything youve done to a friend?:: no
If so, what is it?::
How often do you spend time with your friends?:: as much as i can so i'm not at home
Do any of your friends drive?:: all of them
Has a friend of yours ever died?:: yes
Whats the dumbest thing youve done with a friend?:: there are too many dumb things i've done with friends to count
What do you think your friends think of you?:: that i'm nuts
Have you ever been in love?:: no
If you have, with who?::
Are you single?:: mmmhmm
Are you in a relationship?:: only with myself
If so, for how long?:: going on 23 years now in january
Do you believe there is someone for everyone?::
What is your idea of the best date?:: to be honest, i'm not really sure
What was your first kiss like?:: sweet
How old were you when you got your first kiss?:: 16
Do you think love is a load of shit?:: no
Slippers:: fuzzy
Hat:: jamie
Hard:: head
Free:: not yet
Space:: love it
Taste:: sweet
Good charlotte:: ack
Red:: bag
Deep:: pool
Heart:: cold
Cord:: neck
Cheese:: mice
Rain:: too much
Work:: is necessary
Pedal:: to the metal =)
Head:: trick question?
Bed:: nice
Fluff:: and peanutbutter
Hardcore:: metalhead
Race:: car
Knife:: bad
Jump:: street
am:: me
want:: more money so i could go to school full time without working, lots of books
need:: books
crave:: right now beer
love:: friends, family (that includes tostie of course)
hate:: hipocracy, people who are stupid, liars
did:: get in to NYU
feel:: bored
miss:: my room
am annoyed by:: again...the sheeple of the world
would rather:: live in NY than FL
am tired of:: bullshit
will always:: be in school
What is your favourite genre of music?:: rock
What time is it now?:: 2:43pm
What day is it?:: Sat
Whens the last time you called someone?:: 2 min ago
How much money do you have right now?:: not sure
Are you hungry?:: actually ...yeah
Whatcha doin?:: obviously filling this stupid surevey out
Do you like parades?:: not really
Do you like the moon?:: yeah
What are you going to do when youre done with this?:: going to chloe's and starting my weekend of drunken fun
Isnt cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over?:: ha ha ha um no
If you could have any magical power what would it be?:: read minds
Have you ever had a picnic?:: several
Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young?:: i love those things
What about sock em boppers?:: hell yeah
Are you wearing any socks right now?:: no
funny?:: sure
pretty?:: why not
sarcastic?:: noooo...me???
lazy?:: sometimes
hyper?:: not really
friendly?:: yeah
evil?:: definately
smart?:: yep
strong?:: well i'm not weak
talented?:: yep
dorky?:: hell yeah
high:: chloe
skip:: skip
dance:: chloe, brad
lonely:: eric
pen:: anne
flower:: mom
window:: dad
psycho:: mom and dad
brain freeze:: me
orange:: deanna
sassy:: chloe
jelly:: dawn
suicide:: against
love:: for
drunk drivers:: against
airplanes:: for
war:: depends
canada:: ha ha...don't care
united states:: for
rock music:: for
gay marriage:: what ever floats your boat
school:: for
surveys:: i guess for
parents:: eeehh
cars:: definatley for
killing:: against
britney spears:: against...spawn of satan
coffee:: against
pants:: for
Sky dive?:: yes
Play strip poker?:: maybe
Run away?:: already did
Curse at a teacher?:: no
Not take a shower for a week?:: eww god no
Ask someone out?:: yeah
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?:: no
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?:: yes
Go scuba diving?:: yes
Write a book?:: yes
Become a rockstar?:: sure
Have casual sex?:: no
What shampoo do you use?:: vive
Whens the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex?:: 2 wks ago
What kind of computer do you have?:: dell
What grade are you in?:: senior
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?:: gummy bears...they stick better
Or just make out?:: or that too
How many posters do you have in your room?:: what room....what is this room of which you speak and where can i find it
How many cds do you have?:: too many
What time is it now?::2:51
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Recap [08 Feb 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]





What happens when we all get bored...


Bad camera

Jamie hiding from the camera

Switching hats

Steve(left) Jamie....Tetris

Daytona is North



Obsessed and there's still one more

busy year

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...to be vague... [28 Feb 2003|03:06pm]
i know [it is], but [I] can't and won't let it.
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Must be a dream. [12 Feb 2003|09:07am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Arg. My parents are acutally letting me get the Expedition for the whole week. No SHIT! God, that's gonna fucking rock. Must celebrate this EXTREMELY unusual behavior, but how?

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[28 Jan 2003|09:23am]
Happy Birthday To ME!
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Help!! [25 Jan 2003|06:21pm]
Ok, if ANYBODY knows any shortcuts in Quark 5.0 please let me know!!!!!!

p.s. there may be a complimentary cookie for ya! :-P
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[09 Dec 2002|05:23pm]
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[20 Nov 2002|05:17pm]
[ mood | swell ]

I am in a very "need to get drunk mood" Oh well, only 69 more days!

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[12 Nov 2002|03:44pm]
I am so bored. I need something to dooooooooooooooooo. But I have to 'update' so Ashley doesn't 'bust a kap' even though i have no idea what the hell that means (although not knowing it probably means i'm a dork) ;)

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[10 Nov 2002|02:52pm]
Fuck. I would do it, if I had the guts to. So I'll give myself some more time. Maybe by then...
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A message to the stupid people. [05 Nov 2002|06:41pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

This is for the stupid people,

The Geriatric community:

Do not grab my arm and tell me I can't do something when I have every mother fucking goddamn right to do it. Voting, for example. Do not tell me that I am 14 years old and that I am not allowed to vote. Where the fuck have you ever in your life seen a 14 year old with a voters identification card. Stupid fucks.

The "Shrink":

Don't make me pay you to listen to YOUR problems with your mother. I DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU. Don't tell me I'm stupid or scared or trying to be something I'm not. If you would stop analyzing every fucking word that comes out of my mouth and actually listened, then hey, we might actually get somewhere.

To everyone else:

If you think that I'm a bitch or stupid, lazy, whatever, I really don't give a flying fuck.


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Boo [03 Nov 2002|02:36pm]
Friday night:

Had a hotel in Orlando
Drank at Friday's
Drank at the Hotel
Played Spades
People got high
People got drunk
Fun times!
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[28 Oct 2002|02:01pm]
Apparently, I am a lesbian! So now I guess I have to go find a girlfriend. Oh my.
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[25 Oct 2002|03:07pm]
My arm hurts, but good hurt. But golly-gee I wonder why?
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Pretty Songs [23 Oct 2002|08:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Seether /Fine Again /Disclaimer (2002)
System of a Down /Ariels /Toxicity (2001)
Audioslave (Chris Cornell) /Cochise /Cochise (2002)
Stone Sour /Bother /Bother (2002)
Metallica /The Unforgiven /Metallica (1991)
Disturbed /Prayer /Believe ( 2002)
Taproot /Poem /Poem (2002)
Earshot /Not Afraid /Letting Go (2002)
Nickleback /Never Again /Silver Side Up (2002)
Tool /Parabola /LAteralus (2001)
Nonpoint /What a Day /Statement (2002)
Camp Kill Yourself (CKY) /Flesh into Gear /Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild ( 2002)
Powerman 5000 /When Worlds Collide /Tonight the Stars Revolt (1999)
Soil /Unreal /Scars (2001)
Unwritten Law /Seein’ Red /Elva (2002)
Chad Kroeger /Hero /Spiderman Soundtrack (2002)
Goo Goo Dolls /Here I Gone /Gutterflower (2002)
Weezer /Dope Nose /Dope Nose (2002)
Sum 41 /Fat Lip /All Filler No Killer (2001)
Jerry Cantrell /Anger Rising /Degradation Trip (2002)
Primus /My Name is Mud /Pork Soda (1993)
Earshot Get /Away /Letting Go (2002)
Slipknot /Wait and Bleed /Slipknot (1999)
Default /Deny /The Fallout (2001)
Chevelle /Anticipation /Point #1 (1999)
Green Day /Basket Case /Dookie (1994)
Nirvana /Smells like Teen Spirit /Nevermind (1991)
Godsmack /Whatever /Godsmack (1999)
Counting Crows /Round Here /August and Everything After (1993)
Red Hot Chili Peppers /The Zephyr Song /By the Way (2002)
Nine Inch Nails /Reptile /The Downward Spiral (1994)
Goo Goo Dolls /Black Balloon /Dizzy up the Girl (1998)
Tom Petty /Mary Jane’s Last Dance /Playback (1995)
Slipknot /Liberate /Slipknot (1999)
Queen /Bohemian Rhapsody /Classic Queen (1992)
Deftones /Minus Blindfold /Adrenaline (1995)
Metallica /Nothing Else Matters /S & M (1999)
Bare Naked Ladies /Tonight is the Night I fell asleep at the Wheel /Maroon (2000)
Led Zeppelin /Ramble On /Led Zeppelin II [Remaster]
Muddy Waters /She’s Alright /Electric Mud (1968)
Primus /Wounded Knee /Pork Soda (1993)
The Eagles /Hotel California /Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol. II (1982)
The Doors /Back Door Man /The Complete Studio Recordings (2000)
Nirvana /Negative Creep /From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah (1996)
Chevelle /Mia /Point # 1 (1999)
Chevelle /Dos /Point # 1 (1999)
Led Zeppelin /Kashmir /Physical Graffiti [Remastered] (1975)
The Doors /The Movie /An American Prayer (1978)
Disturbed /The Voices /The Sickness (2000)
Primus /Mr. Krinkle /Pork Soda (1993)
Nirvana /Lake of Fire /MTV unplugged In NY (1994)
Lynyrd Skynyrd /Sweet Home Alabama /One more from the road (1976)
Green Day /When I come Around /Dookie (1994)
Led Zeppelin /Stairway to Heaven /Led Zeppelin IV [remastered] (1971)
Tom Petty /Free Fallin’ /Playback (1995)
GooGoo Dolls /Name /A Boy Named Goo (1995)
Disturbed /Shout 2000 /The Sickness (2000)
Deftones /Digital Bath /White Pony (2000)
Static-X /Otsegolation /Wisconsin Death Trip (1999)
Jimi Hendrix /All along the Watchtower /Experience Hendrix: The best of Jimi Hendrix (1998)
The Offspring /Gotta Get Away /Smash (1994)
The Doors /People are strange /The best of the Doors (1985)
Primus /Sathington Waltz /Sailing the Seas of Cheese (1991)
Metallica /Hero of the Day /Load (1996)
Tom Petty /You don’t know how it feels /Wildflowers (1994)
Queen /Another one bites the dust /Greatest Hits I & II (1995)
Breaking Benjamin /Polyamorous /Polyamorous (2002)
Engine /The Perfect Star /Superholic (2002)
Injected /Faithless /Burn it Black (2002)
Garbage /Stupid Girl /Garbage (1995)
Sheryl Crow /The Difficult Kind /The Globe Obsessions (1998)
Led Zeppelin /Dazed and Confused /The complete Studio Recordings (1993)
Nirvana /Heart-Shaped Box /In utero (1993)
Aerosmith /Rag Doll /Big Ones (1994)
Metallica /One /And Justice for all (1988)
Live /Lightening Crashes /Throwing Copper (1994)
Queen /The March of the Black Queen /The Crown Jewels (1998)
Robert Jr. Lockwood /Western Horizon /Steady Rollin’ Man (1970)
John Lee Hooker /I like to see you walk /Boogie Chillun (Fantasy) (1962)
The Doors /Love me 2 times /Greatest His (1980)
Godsmack /Immune /Godsmack (1998)
Deftones /Engine no. 9 /Adrenaline (1995)
The Offspring /Come out and Play /Smash (1994)
Aerosmith /Cryin’ /Big One’s (1994)
Third Eye Blind /How’s it going to be /Third Eye Blind (1997)
Lisa Loeb /Stay /Tails (1995)
Nirvana /In Bloom /Nevermind (1991)

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Ha Ha Har [23 Oct 2002|07:19pm]

how would you commit suicide?
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one of the many [21 Oct 2002|12:36pm]
[ mood | inadequate, insane, .. ]

After it's been so long since you've been hurt, hurt as to where your so out of it you come to believe that you must be a figment of your own imagination (so then what would that make you, really?)you force yourself to forget the warning signs (of being hurt again) and continue on as if nothing is the matter, you also learn to trust.
Your brain "forgets" to warn you of the impending MISTAKE you are making. And you go forth.
This is what these past few months few months have been to me. A major mistake. I forgot how cruel people are because I stayed to myself and did my own thing (never really bothering anyone). I never really thought it to be much of a problem. Around that same time I learned to trust again. Sure, I was wary of peoples actions and motives, but I pushed that aside and tried to get back to the Land of the Normal. I thought I was back until last night...(unfortunately)
Kind of an overview: I've not really been "talking" to my mom, because she keeps saying she'll help me with stuff and then totally leaves me hanging or she'll make really stupid comments about anything I do and just piss me off. My dad has been ok (i thought)we haven't really fought. My brother (the 15 year old, the one who has a car of his own and would be forgiven for murder if it was up to my parents) is a little shit. Period.
Last night: After dinner there was a converstaion of "chores" and who does what. The little shit was saying how he did everything (makes his bed, cleans his room/bathroom, etc.. etc..) which is totally untrue, because my mom is always harping on him to do just those things. Stupidly I made a comment like "so then you cleaned the bathroom like you were supposed to today, right"? ahhhh and that's when the shit hit the fan....
I could give you a wonderful play-by-play of the conversation I had with my prick father but instead I'll just some it up.
My dad called me an asshole, a disobedient kid that does whatever I feel like doing. I'm a lazy, self-absorbed brat, who doesn't do shit. My dad started the converstaion yelling at me because I was helping (or atleast trying to) in the yard, as he asked, and I pulled out 2 ferns under my window (because I hate ferns, they're ugly and I wanted flowers). Now my parents are ripping down the house in a year anywhat so WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD IT MATTER IF I PULL OUT 2 PLANTS! Of course to my father's disturbed mind it meant that I was making it easier for myself to climb out the windown to "hang out" with devient teenage scum doing drugs, getting drunk and having mass orgies. This part of the conversation must have lasted like 10 minutes, about the fucking ferns.
I was told by the prick that I did it just to piss him off (it must be because I love being ripped at by my father, yep, sounds about right).
Then he asks me about Gill and what I was doing sneaking out with him at night.
Note: trying to persuade a mentally deranged individual is extremely hard.
I haven't even hung out with Gill yet, just talked to the guy, so that makes having a drunken orgy with him kinda hard. But of course my father didn't believe that because the latch to my window was open. If i had the gall to pull out my hair I'd be freakin' bald right now from the frustration this man brings me. Yes the window latch was open because the night before he wouldn't turn the air on and I was hot, GOD fucking forbid that to happen, I should know better than that.
So, blah..blah..blah..yada..yada..yada the conversation goes on and basically the good parts are where my father tell me all these things he thinks of me. Now I don't know which is better, him calling me an asshole, telling me I'm a useless disobdeient lazy ass, telling me to get out of his house, taking my house key away for pulling out the ferns, telling me I'm a waste and basically a piece of shit, informing me that every few months when he can't stand to see me happy he's going to tear away my self-esteem, or the fact that my mother knowing i did absolutely nothing wrong, sat at the table and smiled at me.
Now I would love not to have to live with these sociopaths anylonger, but seeing as how I'm in school and have no job at the moment makes it kinda hard to move out. I would have loved to have smaked that stupid grin off my mothers face, but I guess that would be disrespectful.
Either way I'm just going to not speak, or eat, or anything else at my parents house that way I'll be "safe." But then again that just until my father decides that by doing everything he wants me to do I've pissed him off again.

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CHEVELLE [18 Oct 2002|02:43pm]
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